Celebrating May Day

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: May 01 2017

I wish more people celebrated May Day. When I was growing up in Minnesota, May Day was a big deal. There’s still a parade in Minneapolis and while I’ve never attended, I have family members who would never miss. When I was a child, we would make baskets out of paper cups and fill them with candy. After school, we’d drive around town and leave them on the doorsteps of our friends. The idea was to knock and run. If you were caught you had to give the recipient a kiss. I think this was the bargain version of leaving baskets of flowers on doorsteps.

I don’t always think we celebrate the little things in life enough. Big wins are fantastic, but it’s the little ones that get us there. May Day is sort of the little holiday that could. It gets us into the spirit of one season, and on to the big holiday in the next.

Happy May Day!

2 responses to “Celebrating May Day”

  1. Avatar Peg Cochran says:

    I went to a Catholic elementary school (Oak Knoll) and we celebrated May Day by having a small ceremony and leaving a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary in the school’s garden. Each classroom also had a small statue of Mary and Jesus and we would take turns bringing in a small flower crown each school day during May.

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    It sounds like a fun celebration – what’s it for?