Everything You Need to Know About Publishing, Right Here!

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Jan 06 2022

As BookEnds continues to expand, we also keep finding ways to connect with the book community. We welcome the writers who need reassurance on what it means to write a synopsis. We welcome publishing hopefuls looking to break in. All in all, we welcome everyone—no matter the stage you’re at in your publishing journey—to learn more alongside us. That’s why our agency has BookEnds Education: a collection of our resources tailored to help you. To help you find the one that would best suit you, we’ve compiled the resources and their descriptions:


In 2006, Jessica Faust began the blog as a way of reaching authors. She found a variety of topics to teach them about the publishing process. Now, she continues to discuss all things querying, the author-agent relationship, and more. You can find a new post from her every Tuesday and Thursday.


In 2018, the YouTube channel posted its first video and continues strong to this day. Jessica Faust and James McGowan host a weekly video series to expand on the topics you’ll find on the blog. They’re interacting with our growing audience, which includes taking listener questions! And, of course, having fun along the way.


As you can see, creating community is a core value at BookEnds. We’ve embarked on a new venture to find more ways of guiding you. In 2021, BookEnds agents have started hosting intensive workshops and seminars on Speakeasy. In fact, Jessica has one available this month! On January 26, Jessica will host the first part of her workshop series, Rejection-Proof Your Book Query. Check out Jessica’s Speakeasy page for future sessions! While you’re there, you’ll want to also take a look at what James McGowan’s Speakeasy page has to offer, too.


In 2021, Emily Forney began her first round of the BookEnds Publishing Fellowship. This year, she’ll be leading another cohort as they learn about the industry. Her mentorship includes access to workshops, capstone projects, and networking opportunities. Applications are closed for this cycle but keep an eye out for the next round in December 2022!

2 responses to “Everything You Need to Know About Publishing, Right Here!”

  1. Thank you. I am interested in the blog, and I have added the blog’s URL to my computer desktop.

    As for “fellowship,” it is my hope that most writers “do” that successfully. It is my experience that almost all writers that I have encountered on-line who wish to be authors are not worthy of attention. This is a harsh opinion, yet I believe it to be true: I hope I am wrong.

    1) Writers on-line, as a large majority, do not know the basics regarding writing: their sample writing suggests they have never read a decent book before.

    2) Writers on-line who ask for critiques and advice do not want critiques and advice: they want ego gratification. I have observed that professional advice is rejected, in a hostile way, by nearly 100% by writers on-line.

    3) On-line writers are often praised by other on-line writers for the garbage they produce. It is not in anyone’s interest to be told that their writing is good when it is not.

    4) The majority of on-line writers cannot grasp how to show instead of tell; how to write in active voice instead of passive voice; how to start a novel with a hook; how the publishing business works, nor even know that writing is a business; understand that when they send a query letter to a literary agent, they are asking to form a business partnership and not a customer – supplier relationship; the list seems endless.

    I understand that it takes time for writers to learn these things. It is my observation that on-line writers who wish to be authors do not want to learn these things.

    It is my conclusion that on-line writers should be ignored.

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Wow, the youtube channel started in 2018. No, it can’t possibly be that long. My gosh, has time flown!!