How Change Can Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Feb 22 2016

Since David Bowie’s death I have been humming Changes in my head. A long time for an ear worm, but one that seems incredibly appropriate for 2016.

I went into this year touting it as the Year of Change, both personally and professionally. It seems though, that the universe had more in mind then I did and I was hit just this month with far more changes than even I imagined. I’ve suffered the lows and rejoiced in the highs. I’ve been tortured and anxious and I’ve had to make decisions I didn’t expect myself to be making.

The one thing that has stayed with me through all of those moments is a slight niggling of excitement. Something burning deep within that has told me this could be really cool and in the end, amazing. Because change, no matter how scary, should also be just a little bit exciting.

The other day I was talking with a client who has been considering some changes of her own and in the course of that email I told her that her upbeat enthusiasm was something I always loved hearing (optimism again?). It is that person, the one who, no matter how fearful, moves with the change, who will be the most successful.

There are two things we can do when changes occurs. We can sit and hope it won’t and wait for someone to fix it so we can continue to do the same thing we’ve always done. Or we can get up, brush off and decide that we are going to be the change. We are going to use this opportunity to do the things we might have been sitting on. We’re going to tackle that book idea we’ve been thinking about for months, pursue the career path we’ve always wondered about, or finally buy that hot pink top we were afraid would make us stand out too much.

2016 is my year of change and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m going to embrace every little thing that comes my way.

5 responses to “How Change Can Be the Best Thing that Ever Happened”

  1. Avatar Adriana says:

    Thanks for the excellent reminder. 2015 was a huge change year, and 2016 will be even bigger. For me, it was about letting go of an old life to let in the new. Once I emptied out all the stuff I didn’t need, there was this great empty space pregnant with all sorts of possibilities. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    I am actually so ready for change this year, though generally just thinking about making changes in my life is something that sets me back. (even though, eventually, it always turns out to have been for the best, both professionally and personally–go figure!) I went into 2015 with some health issues that seemed to set me on a downhill course for the entire year, but this year has started out so much better that I can feel my sense of optimism beginning to creep back in.

    I can always tell when things are looking up: I’m anxious to get back to my computer in the morning and regretful when I have to shut it down at night–it means that my writing and my life are back on course.

    For my own peace of mind, though, maybe I should quit referring to it as change. An adventure? That doesn’t shake my foundation as much. This year is going to be an adventure.

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Change can be both exhilarating and terrifying. As long as you face it with a positive attitude I think anyone can survive it. As they say, a change can be as good as a holiday.

    Best of luck with the changes in your life, Jessica.

  4. If you can’t fight it, just go with it. You have no idea what the universe is planning for you, so you might as well enjoy the ride. May all your changes be good ones!

  5. Avatar Hollie says:

    2015 was about learning how to live with the changes that have been forced on me in a way that works for my family, my sanity and my career, I will have a writing career. 2016 is about me moving forward with life the way I want. Life can slow you down and throw obstacles in your way, but it can only stop you if you let that happen.