Inside an Agent’s Head

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 17 2014

It’s amazing how much a new submission can mess with an agent’s head.

We take on a new project from a new client or we finally get that fresh manuscript from a client whose books we’re always excited to read. And as we’re reading we’re getting more and more excited about how amazing this book is and how we can’t wait to sell it. And then the panic sets in. Just as the excitement rises, so does the doubt. But what if it doesn’t sell, what if I’m jinxing it with my excitement? Oh crap, I just told my colleagues how amazing it is, I’m sure to have jinxed it now.

So the next time you worry that you’re bugging your agent or too neurotic to talk to her don’t.


One response to “Inside an Agent’s Head”

  1. Avatar KHC says:

    As a querying author, it is good to know that the worry about jinxes happens outside my own little world. Good luck with the ms!