Meet Associate Agent Emily Forney and Literary Assistant Umaima Saleem

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Jul 30 2020

2020 is the year when you double the celebrations for good news. And today, I have doubled (well tripled), the good news to celebrate.

I am beyond thrilled to welcome both Emily Forney and Umaima Saleem to the BookEnds family. Both Emily and Umaima bring a wealth of ideas, positive spirits, and wonderful energy. Not only do I know they’ll make great publishing professionals, but I really enjoy spending time talking with each of them and learning from them. I know they are going to bring so many great things to BookEnds.

Emily Forney

Emily comes to us from a LA Review of Books fellowship. At BookEnds she is looking to represent fiction and non-fiction in middle grade and picture books, as well as young adult and adult fiction. In her own words, “she would like to see more fiction from BIPOC and stories that do not necessarily feature trauma at the forefront of these character’s arcs (although she is open to reading anything complex and well done).” 

Umaima Saleem

Umaima began her publishing career right here at BookEnds as an intern. Taking a cue from James, she stayed long enough and worked hard enough to make herself invaluable. Umaima was a recipient of the We Need Diverse Books grant. She will be staying on at BookEnds as a literary assistant.

James McGowan

Followers of BookEnds and our YouTube channel already know James as the intern who never left. Well, luckily for us, he keeps staying. James is building an incredible list for himself in both adult and children’s books and has been promoted to Associate Agent.

I don’t think I can say enough how thrilled and honored I am to have these three at BookEnds, as well as all of our wonderful agents. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’ve always made sure to hire people smarter than me and thanks to this wonderful group, BookEnds is continually growing better and stronger and I am better for it.

More information on Emily, Umaima, and James can be found on our About Us page as well as Our Submission page. Watch the blog to hear more about Umaima and Emily and their journeys to BookEnds.

And of course welcome and congratulations to all of them.

5 responses to “Meet Associate Agent Emily Forney and Literary Assistant Umaima Saleem”

  1. Avatar Michele Ziemke says:

    Wow!!! So much to celebrate!
    Congrats to everyone at Bookends!

  2. Congratulations, all!

  3. Avatar Mary Munson says:

    Congratulations everyone, how exciting for you all!

  4. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Congrats to James for the promotion, to Umaima for a permanent position and to Emily for joining the team. Just as well BookEnds is a mostly remote working environment or you’d also have to be looking for a new workplace!

  5. Avatar Dylan Thelning says:

    Hi there just looking to get in contact so that I may reach you when you are availiable. I have stories written I think you would enjoy very much and many more ideas that are plotted or part written I could use help with at times.