New Client Alert — Myah Ariel

  • By: Kim Lionetti | Date: Sep 12 2022

Myah Ariel


What you Write:

contemporary romance



Kim Lionetti


Why BookEnds?

I’ve spent many a night binging the Bookends YouTube channel. At this point, it’s become a source of calm comfort amid querying chaos. Also, Kim represents some of my all-time favorite romance authors, so I knew I’d be lucky to be in their company, working with her at Bookends. 


Where can readers find you on the web and social media? 

Twitter: @AlwaysBMyahBaby IG: @Myahmeetscute


Describe your experience with “The Call.” What do you write? When did the agent catch you? What was it like to get the call of your agent offering on your book/work? How long had you been querying/submitting, etc? Share as much as you’d like!

On August 24, 2022, I received an email from Kim Lionetti asking for “the call” and it took me by COMPLETE surprise. I’d already received one amazing offer of rep at that point, and it was followed by multiple step-asides in quick succession from agents who’d had my full but said they couldn’t read and get back to me within my two-week window. Ouch. I’d also received a very reluctant pass and a few “ultimately this isn’t for me” responses from other agents I had nudged. So, at that point, I was expecting more of the same. I certainly was not expecting an email from Kim, an agent who reps some of my all-time favorite authors, stating that she was “blown away” by my revisions, that she felt my book was “powerful” and that she’d like to talk to me. My jaw was on my lap. It’s important to note here that I’d queried Kim way back in January with an early draft of my novel that was vastly different from the version she offered on and frankly, not at all ready. She’d quickly requested the full, but ultimately replied sometime in March with a rejection. In it she offered brief but specific feedback in a note stating she “really liked” my writing but didn’t think this project was for her. I was gutted at the time but also energized. It was the first actionable feedback I’d received after 3 months of querying. Her comments really resonated with me and sparked a change of course. I went out on a limb and replied to her, asking if she’d be willing to take another look after I completed significant revisions. Kim kindly agreed to do so and then, I got to work. I pulled every full I had out with agents at the time and applied to RevPit. Sadly, my manuscript wasn’t chosen. Come May, I was emotionally battered but ultimately not deterred. So, I applied to DVMentor with a Franken-script that was partially revised (in dual POV) and partially un-revised (in single POV) with about ten chapters removed with no placeholders. Miraculously, one of the mentors saw through the hot mess I’d submitted straight to my potential, and I was chosen! I shared Kim’s feedback with my mentor who expanded on it in great detail. I spent June and July working to apply those notes and on August 5 I re-queried Kim. Two and a half weeks later, we were on a Zoom call talking about formerly abstract concepts like where my book would fit in the romance market, the potential for film/tv adaptations, and other books we mutually loved/respected! I was struck by the ease of our conversation and decided early in the call that I could trust my book, my precious characters, and my career in her hands. I still had a week left in my two-week window and it moved like cold molasses. By September 2nd I enthusiastically accepted Kim’s offer and the rest, as they say, is history!  


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  1. Avatar Christie says:

    Congratulations, Myah!! Loved reading your journey and can’t wait to see your book on shelves!!!