New Client Alert – Noah Corey

  • By: Emily Forney | Date: Apr 18 2022

Name: Noah Corey
What you Write: MG LGBTQ+ Urban Fantasy
Agent: Emily Forney
Why BookEnds?

I love the way they advocate for their authors! Also, the Bookends YouTube channel is such a helpful resource, and overall, Bookends has an excellent reputation. 


Where can readers find you on the web and social media?

My TikTok and Twitter handles are both @noahcoreyc


What do you love about writing Urban Fantasy? 

I love how weird it can get! There can be dragons and demons and house-sized tarantulas, and they can have a secret midnight meeting in a Walmart parking lot. The dark lord’s guilty pleasure can be McDonald’s. The heroes can use magic to go to the moon and doodle on a lunar rover. Because of the grounded, real-world base for the setting, you can make the magic as bizarre and creative as you want without things getting too abstract. 


Why did you choose the genre you’ve chosen?

I wanted to write a story about how society villainizes transgender and gender-nonconforming people – more specifically, I wanted to write about queercoded villains. 

However, as a transgender person myself, I couldn’t think of a bearable way to write it without magic. So, I decided to write about lovable monsters and dramatic, villainous magic. 


What is the hardest part about writing LGBTQ+ Urban Fantasy?

Apparently the book has to have pacing and a plot, and can’t just be a bunch of silly gay moments and swordfights. 


Do you get inspiration from any TV shows or movies?  If so, which ones?

I love Studio Ghibli films! I aspire to write love stories like the ones in Howl’s Moving Castle or Ponyo – gorgeous and deep, but still ordinary, innocent, and honest. 


If money were no object, what would be your dream writing location?

Either in a submarine or on the moon. Either way, I would camp out with lots of blankets and hot coffee. If money is really no object, I want a spaceship full of snacks!