“Normal” Doesn’t Mean Going Backward

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Jul 28 2022

I hear companies tout their new plans for 2022 and beyond. They brag about how they’re returning to “normal.” As if going back in time to the way things were three years ago is normal. Normal life doesn’t move backward, it moves forward. Kids grow up, readers change, we mature, we stop wearing neon, we start wearing neon again…

It worries me to hear people pine for a return to normal because, frankly, normal had a lot of problems. Problems the industry has been forced to confront and deal with over the past two years. Problems we need to continue to confront and not conveniently ignore as we go “back to normal.”

One of my favorite things about BookEnds is the willingness to take on new challenges and make changes. No matter how scary. I’m excited about so much of this new world we’re living in and the possibilities of where it will take us. I have no desire to go backward. Life in business and otherwise moves forward, no matter how hard we try to fight it. Markets change, policies change and it can be incredibly scary. It can also be unbelievably rewarding.

So instead of going back to normal or creating a new normal let’s live life to its fullest, embrace challenges and change, and see where it takes us.




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