Query Turnaround Time

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Dec 04 2006

Recently we asked readers to post questions to us about BookEnds, the publishing industry, or anything else they might be wondering. Gradually we’re working to get through those questions and answer them as thoroughly as possible.

I know it varies for every agency; what is BookEnds’ average turnaround time for queries?

Actually it varies from agent to agent. Our posted turnaround time is 10-12 weeks, but truthfully this number is ever-changing. Things like illness, maternity leave, RWA, and the activity level of our current clients can change the time it takes us to get to submissions. On the flipside, slow times like summer and the holidays often allow us to catch up on our reading. The best I can say is if you haven’t heard anything from the agent you submitted to after 12 weeks, don’t hesitate to email and ask for a status update. A little kick in the pants never hurt anyone.


5 responses to “Query Turnaround Time”

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Hi Jessica –

    If the agent’s email is not posted anywhere, is it ok to send a regular letter?

    This question is one that plagues me, so I am so glad you posted an answer…our mail is simply the worst (and I’ve lived all over the country) so I have taken to using “delivery confirmation” (not the one people have to sign, just the one the post office has to scan), but I have one query out from the summer–before I though to do that–and I am beginning to wonder whether the agents ever even got the query!


  2. Avatar Leo says:

    This was great and came at the right moment, as I was beginning to wonder.

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Is it the same turnaround time for fulls as it is for queries/partials?

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Are there often cases when an agent wouldn’t respond at all?
    Even if a SASE was sent?

  5. Avatar jfaust says:

    Sorry for my delay in answering your questions:

    1. Yes, feel free to send a regular letter, but always include a SASE.

    2. I would assume that turnaround time for queries, partials and fulls is always the same unless it says differently. If material is requested, especially a full, it’s likely you should hear faster, but not that’s not the rule.

    3. There are cases when an agent doesn’t respond, even with an SASE. However, at this agency it’s usually not because we didn’t respond but because the SASE was addressed incorrectly, didn’t have the right postage or was lost in the mail. Mistakes happen on both ends and you would be surprised at how many SASE I received addressed to me.