Synopses 101: How, When, and Why to Write Them!

  • By: admin | Date: Jan 29 2020

Synopses are the thorn in nearly every writer’s side… but Jessica and James sat down to try and make it easier on everyone! Here’s our guide to getting them done:

7 responses to “Synopses 101: How, When, and Why to Write Them!”

  1. Avatar Joanne says:

    I wish you would also post a written version.

  2. Avatar Juni Fisher says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’m sharing with my writing group!

  3. Avatar Karen E Rosenberg says:

    Because I hate writing synopses I watched your video. I like the idea of writing it while writing the book.

    BTW – Jessica, you rock scarves!

  4. Avatar Ash Bennett says:

    Thank you for this. I know I have NOT wanted to submit a synopsis for fear that it would ruin the book for anyone you’d hope to have read it. Knowing that agents will only use it as an extra tool when evaluating makes a huge difference. I get it now!

    Off to write a synopsis.

  5. Avatar Pearly D'Souza says:

    Jessica and James – you rock!
    The video’s are always so helpful. Thank you so much for doing this.

    I plot but am a pantser by heart.
    I am watching this for the second time just because I am plotting points for the second book in my series and plan to start with your advise – write a query & synopsis as you write your MS. This will keep the pantser in me restrained and on track lol
    2.10 – 3.10

  6. Avatar Mark Oliver says:

    What I got from this is…
    Overall theme
    Story arc
    Character arcs
    Would have loved to have seen a WAGOLL.
    What A Good One Looks Like.
    Even if it’s just the structure.
    Thank you.

  7. Avatar Angela says:

    I didn’t want to write one even though I already had a detailed outline. I did it anyway and wasn’t really happy with it. I thought not liking it was normal. I came to realize that what I didn’t like was the spotlight on the problems in my story. It was actually easier to see from the synopsis than the outline. When it finally clicked (how to fix it), I was super happy with the outcome. It went from three pages to one and was a lot cleaner in terms of understanding what is going on in the story. Some subsequent edits that were needed also became easier to figure out. Anyway, thanks a bunch!