Take Time to Say Thank You

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Apr 17 2017

I have a rule about leaving reviews. If I’m ever leaving a bad review for someone or something I’m required to balance it with a good review somewhere. I believe it’s karmically good. I also believe that we don’t hear enough good things or enough thank you’s in life.

Just today I reached out to someone who had made a positive impact on my son’s life. I reached out just to say thank you. There’s nothing that can brighten a day more than someone reaching out for seemingly no good reason to say thanks and yet for some reason we resist doing it. We think they’re too busy, we don’t want to intrude, or we’re embarrassed or shy for some reason or another. Listen, if someone is ever too busy to receive a thank you they don’t deserve a thank you.

So today, I’m asking everyone to reach out to someone to say thanks. Contact a favorite teacher from year’s past, a parent who made a positive impact on you or your child, an employer who pushed you to be better than you ever thought possible or a coworker who went out of her way to fix the copier for you.

Positive support is contagious. Let’s spread a little joy today.

3 responses to “Take Time to Say Thank You”

  1. Avatar Charlotte says:

    Such a great idea!

  2. Avatar Bobbi Romans says:

    Thanks for always taking a little extra time to do these posts. Its helps many of us gain insights into the industry. Often it provides hope to keep doing what we love and sometimes it the posts even warn us against things best not done.

    You’re a busy lady with more “to do” items in day then hours. So THANK YOU, for making time for these posts.

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Funny you posted on this topic today. Two days ago I was chatting with a friend and she said she was feeling down. For two years she’s been a cub scout leader and volunteered many hours a week to her cub pack. Yet in all that time there have only been a couple of kids and parents who have said thank you. She wasn’t asking for much, just some acknowledgement that what she was doing was appreciated.

    I think people forget how those two simple words can really make a difference.