Tips to Improve any Author Website

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Jun 30 2021

An author’s website is one of the most important things they can create for their business. It is their online business card — the only space they can control exactly what readers and viewers see, how they see it, and when they see it. So… how can you make that website as strong and efficient as possible?

Jessica Faust and James McGowan discuss just that:

4 responses to “Tips to Improve any Author Website”

  1. Super helpful info! Thx for taking the time to do these.

  2. Avatar Wendy Wilson says:

    Thank you for this video. It took me a lot longer to watch because I kept stopping it to go to my newly created website and upgrade it using your suggestions.

  3. Avatar Susan Levin says:

    This video was super helpful, thank you so much! My son, Ben Levin, is a published YA and children’s book author, and a rising senior in high school. I designed his website to focus both on his authorship as well as on his personal messages: (1) as an autistic person, Ben sees his autism as a gift in many ways, and (2) that writers and artists of all backgrounds should embrace who they are, follow their dreams, and use their gifts to help change the world. Would love your feedback on the site!

  4. Avatar augie says:

    Thank you for the website information. Very helpful.