Two Seconds of Courage

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 09 2021

All it takes is two seconds of courage. Two seconds to say yes to the thing that scares you most.

Once you write that query it takes two seconds to send it.

Courage as a Value

One of my core values is courage. I have been known to say that I do the things that scare me most because I’m more afraid that fear will control my life.

But it’s courage, not fearlessness that drives me. I know that in so many cases I can take a deep breath and plunge in. That it’s a 2-second decision that can make the most incredible changes in my life.

Often it will take far longer than two seconds to prepare to take the plunge. But the plunge itself. Just two seconds.

One response to “Two Seconds of Courage”

  1. Avatar Susan says:

    This means more than you know. Thank you.