When to Resubmit Your Query Letter

  • By: BookEnds | Date: May 19 2021

Are you in the query trenches? We know how challenging it can be. What happens when your dream agent passes, though? Can you ever go back to that agent? Or what about if an agent gives good feedback? What’s the protocol on resending if you revise?

Literary agents Jessica Faust and James McGowan discuss when it’s okay for a writer to send a query letter to the same agent, for the same book.

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4 responses to “When to Resubmit Your Query Letter”

  1. Avatar Dana says:

    Love these videos—super helpful. Thank you~

  2. Avatar Kim Beall says:

    I always appreciate these videos. They are my treat to myself at the end of a busy day!

  3. […] that ultimately resulted in a six-figure book deal, agents Jessica Faust and James McGowan discuss when it’s okay to re-query, and Kristin Nelson has an important reminder from her archives: never sign an un-negotiated […]

  4. I’m getting ready to resubmit my book, Enigma Rose, to a different Bookends agent. When I submitted it the first time, it was prior to a lot of things: prior to hiring a professional editor, prior to setting up a web site, prior to just taking a step back. I hope I have better success this time. I started down the self-publishing path as well. I have a cover, etc., but I have not taken that final step yet. I would rather be traditionally published as no author has ever said…yea right! I find these videos very helpful, and it gives me insight into your world, one that I am very clueless about. Thank you!