Who Are You?

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: May 17 2010

23 responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. Avatar wry wryter says:

    That was fun.

    Now that I have answered the questions do I get a coupon for a free read?

  2. Avatar Mark Terry says:

    I put mystery, but really my books, both that I write and read, fall far more heavily into "thriller" category, but, "mystery" can be pretty broad.

  3. Avatar Sherri says:

    If I had an ereader I'd be using it. Although I'm a purist and love bound books, I'm also allergic to air freshener. You wouldn't believe how much a book can soak up sitting in the bookstore or library. Electrons don't smell at all.

  4. Like Mark Terry above me, I would have chosen thriller if it had been an option. I don't like mysteries at all, so I chose 'other' instead. There was no historical fiction either, another favorite genre.

  5. Avatar Alpha-Mom says:

    Fun! Although, I wanted an option under the "do you read most of your books as bound books or ereader" to include a half and half or 50/50, because that's how my reading (in books I buy anyway) breaks down.

  6. Avatar Jen J. says:

    Great poll and very interesting results. I picked bound books as my main reading format, but only because 'audiobooks' was not an option. In my busy lifestyle, pretty much the only reading I do now is via audiobooks so that I can 'read' while I do other activities. I want to get the reading in, but often it's the only way due to working full time and still putting in nearly full time writing hours on top of that. Sadly, there are only so many hours in a day…

  7. It was interesting to see that info broken down. And I was stymied at the "what are you primarily writing?" question.

    I wanted a "depends on the day" option.

  8. Avatar Heidi Willis says:

    What a great idea for you! I'm sure this gives you a great idea of who's reading, even if they aren't commenting.

    I'm with alpha-mom though. I read about 50/50 ebooks and bound books, but I put bound because that's what I'm reading right now.

    And my book is considered "medical thriller," but that's a pretty narrow genre. 🙂

  9. What about those of us that are writing two books concurrently? I am working on a NF business book but a work of fiction (women's) as well. As far as e-readers go, I shall remain eternally old school and refuse to use one. There is nothing as intoxicating as reading an old Dostoyevsky novel that smells of must and age!

  10. Avatar Kristan says:

    Very interesting! I have to admit, I cheated and put "other" for what I most frequently read, because there is NO majority in my reading habits. It's a complete mix across 4 categories.

    Loved seeing the results, though!

  11. That was fun. I put fantasy for what I write and read because I'm still searching for a genre but my last novel and my current project both could fall under that category. (But the last was YA and this one isn't.)

    It's interesting to see the results and get a feel for who is reading here.

  12. Avatar Lisa_Gibson says:

    Oooo, I like all the pretty colors on quibblo! That was fun and interesting to see the results.

  13. Avatar Nobu says:

    I've either written or am working on multiple books in multiple genres. I also read across many genres, so that quiz was limiting. Also, there's no option for being published in the short story market 😛

  14. How come horror/thriller writers/readers have to be the odd balls and mark "other"? Hmmmm? LOL

  15. Avatar Ray Rhamey says:

    Since I read mostly thrillers/suspense, I had to answer "Other." How come they weren't included as a category?

  16. Interesting. It seems authors greatly prefer real books to eBooks. 😉 I am continually told they are the wave of the future, but I don't think many authors are excited about that.

  17. Avatar _*rachel*_ says:

    I put fantasy, but I almost feel there should have been a button for YA fantasy, because there's something of a difference.

    Next time, can we choose multiple options?

  18. Avatar Ariel Swan says:

    I write and read mostly supernatural mysteries or supernatural women's fiction – so it was tought to choose which one. This whole genre problem is really starting to get to me overall. No one seems to be able to agree on genre for any given book. So many overlap and yet we have to pick?!

  19. Avatar Lucy says:

    @ Justin

    Sorry, but you have to share the "oddball" title with Historical Fiction (me), as well as a few others. 😀

  20. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I almost put mystery because that is closest, but I put Other because really there should be a THRILLER category, c'mon!

  21. Avatar Victoria says:

    I would have liked an option to spread my choices over reading genres. I hit about 50/50 crime/thrillers and fantasy.

    I note the fantasy results are high. Interesting. And positive, for those of us writing in the genre.

    Will these results impact on what you choose to represent? Or are they primarily pertaining to the blog readership?

  22. I put ereader because that's how I buy books now. I have very few, though, so in truth I'm still reading a lot of dead tree books.

  23. Avatar Dara says:

    I answered "other" for writing and reading. I mostly read/write historical fiction, with some romantic elements.

    I do read some YA too and maybe someday I'll try my hand at a YA novel. It's interesting to see how many people are writing YA–quite a lot!

    Eventually I do plan on buying an eReader, but I'm waiting for them to come down in price as well as make sure that you can borrow books from the library on them.