Your Book Isn’t One Size Fits All, Your Marketing Plan Shouldn’t Be Either

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 02 2021

You got a publishing contract because you wrote a book that was beyond the norm. It wasn’t one size fits all. So why have you created a marketing plan, a website, or a social media presence that looks like everyone else’s?

At some point or another marketing is going to be new to you. It’s new to everyone and no one goes into any business venture thinking about how great they are at marketing. I know I didn’t. BookEnds started because I had a good editorial eye and strong publishing connections. I did not think about the need for a website, social media, or YouTube and what that would look like.

Now I do. I think about those things every day. Marketing has become a part of my business DNA.

Successful Marketing is Your Brand

Successful marketing is about you and your brand. Not someone else’s. That means that sure you’re going to look at other websites and social media for inspiration, but just because Jody Jones has a great website doesn’t mean it’s the one for you, your book and your brand. Maybe though, there’s something in there that you can borrow.

As you’ve been preparing your website have you reviewed the websites of other authors? How many looked exactly the same? And forgettable? Just because other authors have a certain style and look to their website doesn’t mean that’s the only style and look available.

We went through this with our own website, more than once. While updating and reviewing the BookEnds website we looked at a ton of agency sites. We borrowed ideas and styles and then we created one that fit our brand and us.

You’ve created this wonderful and unique book, don’t stop creating just because the book is done. Don’t decide that marketing isn’t for you. Marketing is for everyone and you already marketed and sold that book. Don’t stop now.