In Fact, This is A Query Letter

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Mar 31 2016

Before submitting a query letter and items outlined in your guidelines I am inquiring if you consider submissions for a collection of short stories that fall into the women’s fiction area.

The manuscript is complete. I’ve been published in a local newspaper and my work has been compared to other famous writers.

I’ve talked in the past, the distant past, about the prequery query and that there is no such thing.

Anytime you contact an agent to ask if she might be interested in your work, even if you’re asking if she might be interested in the type of work you’re writing, you are querying. So put your best foot forward and make sure you’re sharing all the information you want that agent to base her decision on.

5 responses to “In Fact, This is A Query Letter”

  1. Is it all right if I leave a comment on this blogpost?

    • Avatar Elissa says:

      Before I leave a comment on your comment, I’d like to know if commenting on other people’s comments is okay with you. I wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or place a comment where it’s not wanted.

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Curious… would that mean the “prequery” (as such) like the one above, if rejected, than excludes that author from sending in the fair dinkum query?

    • Jessica Faust Jessica Faust says:

      I think an author can always send another query, but you will get a standard response to the pre query (either a request for more or a rejection). How the author takes that is really up to her.