Jessica Faust’s #MSWL

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Mar 06 2019

It’s March and we’re back at it. James has us celebrating #MSWL Madness and I’m excited to kick things off.

My desires haven’t changed much since last year’s #MSWL Madness, although I am happy to report that some of my wishes have come true. Publishing in 2019 will be Paige Shelton‘s newest mystery series set in Alaska and Heather Webber‘s women’s fiction debut, a story of magical realism set in the South. Both of these were once my #MSWL.

Now let’s get to this year’s list.

Multi-generational: As you’ve heard a million times by now, I loved last year’s hit NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA. One of the many things that resonated with me about the book was the dual stories of a granddaughter and grandmother. I would like to see more books like that, especially if there’s a love story involved. Just so you know, I’m a sucker for grandaughter/grandmother stories.

Mom Fiction

I find myself gravitating toward stories of moms. I like Lianne Moriarity’s dark and suspenseful take with BIG, LITTLE, LIES. I fell in love with Abbi Waxman who writes light, funny women’s fiction and I am also a fan of Laurie Frankel whose emotional tale of the mom of a transgender child I will never forget. In other words, stories of moms–dark, light, funny, scary and teary–all appeal to me.

Stories set in other countries

In 2018, I read a number of books set in other countries–NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA, CRAZY RICH ASIANS, STAY WITH ME, and BEARTOWN–and I would like to read more. In general, I do want to add more diverse books to my list as well as more authors of color. By the way, if you happen to have a hockey story like BEARTOWN (especially a mom hockey story) I’m your agent.


I’m happy to have re-entered the world of nonfiction although I’m very specific about what I’m looking for. I want business (especially leadership), self-help and personal empowerment books. I’m hungry for books written by people of color and women, but I don’t want a business book for women necessarily, I want a business book for everyone, like START WITH WHY, but written by a woman or author of color. Books that inspire my nonfiction list include: YOU ARE A BADASS, SPARK, START WITH WHY, THE ONE THING, THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE, and BIG MAGIC.

In general I want domestic and psychological suspense, mysteries, women’s fiction, and upmarket and literary fiction.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

4 responses to “Jessica Faust’s #MSWL”

  1. Avatar Stephen Che says:

    I came across your literary agency website through pitch madness last year. I did not get any offers. I have a “unique” novel that is hard to categorize in any genre. The Chatterbox Spy (temporarily titled) is set in China and is part spy thriller, part historical fiction, and done in a news writing style as the main character is a journalist. Do you have any advice?
    The following is my author website.

  2. Avatar Kimberly J Waychoff says:

    Jessica, I submitted a book (BIRDS AGAINST GLASS) on Februrary 14. I’ve heard nothing back. If you don’t like it or want to represent it, I don’t want to wait any longer But if you want it, I’d like to work with you. What do I do now?

    • Kimberly: It takes me roughly 8-12 weeks to review requested material. Unfortunately, I have fallen behind this year. As you might know, I’m taking on only a limited number of clients and for that reason, I’ve been slower than usual getting to submissions. I have just finished up reading January submissions and am getting to February now. Please note that no one at BookEnds should ever request an exclusive submission. You should be submitting elsewhere at the same time.

  3. Avatar Stacy Leicht says:

    Jessica- I am a hockey mom that is currently writing a hockey romance. Please feel free to reach out if you’re still desiring this type of book!
    Best Wishes!
    Stacy Leicht