Publishing Blues

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Oct 01 2010

“‘Jersey Shore’ star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s new book A SHORE THING, about a girl looking for love on the boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans, and fights galore), was sold to Jeremie Ruby-Strauss at Gallery, with Lauren McKenna editing, for publication in January 2011, by Scott Miller at Trident Media Group (world).”

All I can say is Uff da.


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  1. Avatar Megan says:


  2. Avatar Elena says:

    Jessica, is there any word on how much her advance was?

    Also, is it going to be a pop-up book?

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Elena. Pop up book. LOL.

  4. Avatar Florence says:

    Eric at Pimp My Novel said it best:
    Don't think that the books published are the best there is out there.

    I have paraphrasted of course. In short, those old adages about it's not what you know but who you know and luck is often more important than talent are still working their mojo.

  5. Avatar Ellery Adams says:

    Will it be a graphic novel?

  6. Avatar KO says:

    Let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe one day we will thank Snooki for spreading basic literacy throughout the Northeast. She really could be the person to get kids reading again- for the first time in their lives.

  7. Avatar Mad Dabbler says:

    Ok, I can't help it. Someone send the editor my condolences. I'm assuming the font will be large so the words don't have to be?

    Grammatically incorrect, but I'm not sure it matters anymore. I'm off to beat myself with a wet noodle for not being nice.

  8. Avatar Fawn Neun says:

    We're becoming a 'least common denominator' society.

  9. Avatar Malia Sutton says:

    If the book sells, it should tell us all something about what readers (not publishing blog followers) want. If it doesn't sell, then I guess nothing is broken in publishing and this will pass.

  10. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    Having never seen the show and not having a clue who "Snookie" is, I'm seeing this from a different angle entirely–publishers are in this business to make money and Snookie has a platform.

    Whether it's crap or not, enough books will sell for the curiosity value alone to make it worthwhile.

    Sad, but true.

  11. Avatar Megan G.O. says:

    Does it come with a box of crayons for coloring?

  12. Avatar mdal says:

    I'm trying to see the bright side. If it makes a ton of money, that's cash in the bank to take on a few more debut authors or bump up the advances a little more for some writers who've just gotten their foot in the door with one or two books. Assuming the money doesn't go to advances for books 'written' by the rest of the cast…

    What was I saying about a bright side? At least I got a laugh off the pop-up book and big font/small words comments. 🙂

  13. Avatar Helena says:

    The only justification for any respectable publishing company to take on Snookie's theoretical, not-yet-written novel (which we all know will suck like a Hoover, even if it's ghostwritten), is if sales of it will help the company to publish other, infinitely better books.

    But we all know that's not going to happen.

    Like Oscar Wilde said, "A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." Publishing companies are becoming the worst cynics of all.

  14. Avatar Faye Hughes says:

    But, Jessica, this is a great opportunity for an author. I mean, somebody's gonna have to ghost-write it. LOL.

  15. Avatar Anonymous says:

    It'll be the first time a book from a Big Six publisher comes with reading instructions. "Open Here," "Start at the top of the page–those things made of paper," "Read each line from left to right."

  16. Avatar Anonymous says:

    She's just followling Lauren Conrad who wrote a book about a girls who on a reality show in *gasp* LA- so totally unlike her own life. Ridiculous

  17. Avatar Elena says:

    If her book makes bucks it won't be good for future authors, whose talent will take a backseat to platform. This could be the publishing industry's "Jump the Shark" moment.

  18. Avatar Jesse says:

    Thank you, that's exactly what I said. And if she personally writes one fricking word of that book, I will be in shock.

  19. Avatar M.A.Leslie says:

    Wow, it makes the hours up at night typing away and pulling my hair out feel useless. I am still trying and sending out queries but that just sucks. I thought the order was write, submit, hopefully publish. Not cause huge fights, act like a fool, have a miniscule vocabulary and then get published. Oh well, I'll keep writing.

  20. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I don't see why anyone should be surprised. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that something less than great writing is published with a celebrity's name on it. It will probably sell well enough to make a lot of money, too. Since publishers are in business to make money by whatever means they can, personally, I don't fault them for it. If you want to place blame on anyone for this type of thing, I say it belongs on the people who will buy it. I agree with Fawn, except I believe we have been a least common denominator society for a long time already. A review of prime time television shows over the last few decades should be ample proof of that.

    In selling anything, name recognition and/or branding is one of the top keys to successful marketing, as I'm sure most of you are aware. I've never seen Jersey Shores, nor do I care to ever watch it, but even so, I am aware of the name Snooki. Of course I have no interest in buying her book but a lot of others will, most likely, largely based on name recognition. It's also one of the reasons why politicians who have recently died or been convicted of felonies are still elected to office. People recognize the name and even though they are often unsure why, the dead guy or felon still gets their vote simply because they've heard that name before. Sad but true.

    I have enjoyed some of the previous comments. I needed some good laughs today.

  21. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Oh, wait–no, it's fine. Paris Hilton did this too and the world did not implode. We're good.

  22. Avatar wry wryter says:

    I want the ancillary rights !

    Paper dolls, comes with a pair of scissors to cut along the dotted line…oops there are no lines, no boundrys.

    Dart board, two targets.

    Blow up doll, I'm trying to think of a comment that won't get me booted off this rock.

    Snookie beer,makes you fall down and get arrested. don't they all.

    Come on folks, think up some stuff for our Snookie Tourist Trap on the board walk.
    (And I've never watched the show.)

  23. Yeah, this'll be a nice contract job for someone. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for one right now. Call me, Snooks!

  24. Avatar Anonymous says:

    "Agent" Scott Miller at [redacted] wouldn't even answer my query with a form rejection, or any rejection for that matter and, hello, I'm a published author.

    But he's pimping Snooki the drunk whore's book? You'd think the agency as a whole would be ashamed. How can you diss real authors but welcome a drunk whore into your stable?

    I hate publishing sometimes. This is one of those times. Blech… I hope the book tanks royally and people get demoted for being a dumbass.

  25. This should come as no surprise in the age of cheap "reality" television.
    The idea of doing something well barely exists. It's about Page 6 and those fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol predicted.
    There will be press releases and interviews. Her editor will talk about how fabulous Snooki really is even as Snooki ignores everyone to check her big hair in the mirror.