Social Media for Joy or Money

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 10 2020

Social media, the albatross that hangs around every author’s neck, and agents too if you must know.

One day we’re told we have to be on social media or we’ll never sell a book. Then people like Jessica Faust come along and tell you that’s wrong. That you only need to be on social media if you want to.

Who is right? Well Jessica Faust of course. 😉

My philosophy regarding social media is that if it doesn’t bring me joy or make me money it isn’t needed.

My Social Media

I’m on Twitter because I enjoy connecting with authors. Originally it was a really fun way to engage with authors and others in the industry, as well as learn all sorts of news. Recently though, the toxicity that resides there is making my visits less frequent. It’s harder for me to find what I’m looking for on Twitter and, honestly, it can easily take up way too much time.

For now, Twitter gives me visibility that brings clients and, therefore, money. So for now, I stay, but you might have noticed I am engaging a lot less.

I’m on Instagram because I love taking pictures. Once upon a long time ago, I learned how to work in a dark room and I truly love the art of photography. Instagram allows me to indulge that passion in a quick and easy way.

I don’t see Instagram as money-making in the same way as Twitter, but who knows, maybe that day will come. For now it’s just pure joy.

YouTube is my favorite form of social media these days. The fun James and I have while making the videos is honest. Especially with everyone working from home, it’s been a great way to connect and feel like we’re having that office experience. A bonus is that YouTube also makes us money.

Social media can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. I would still strongly suggest that authors find something or somewhere to spend their time, but in order for it to either bring joy or money, it has to be a place that you feel like works for you.

5 responses to “Social Media for Joy or Money”

  1. Avatar Kim Beall says:

    Well of course Jessica is right! 🙂

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    I definitely prefer social media for joy. I prefer Instagram as it seems nicer and I love taking photos and looking at photos – I just need the time to be able to take more photos! Although if social media was joyful and made money I wouldn’t complain *grin*.

  3. Avatar Karyn Curtis says:

    I love your YouTube videos, almost as much for the dynamic and humour between you and James as for the expert insights! Thank you!

  4. Avatar Marcia Fowler says:

    I truly enjoy watching our YouTube videos. I’m glad you continue making them with James.