What a Cover Says About a Book

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Jan 12 2022

We’ve got a really fun topic to revisit with you all today. Throughout the YouTube video, you’ll get to see a variety of book cover examples—all of them are super eye-catching and gorgeous. Not many people are privy to the background process that goes into making those covers happen, though.

In today’s video, Jessica and James take you behind-the-scenes and discuss the book cover design journey as well as what a cover does for your book!

One response to “What a Cover Says About a Book”

  1. Avatar Philip Ginn says:

    Wow- Perfect timing for this video as I am working on crediting everyone who worked on my book that I will be self publishing. My cover work is done, but the font we used in the title was created by a separate font designer, who I would have forgotten to credit until you talked about THIN ICE. Great video! Thanks!