Never Will You Just Write

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Oct 20 2016

Occasionally we’ll come across a writer who hasn’t yet seemed to grasp the complexities of being a published author. She’s usually someone who, whether she says it or not, gives the impression that all she wants to do is write. The other stuff, the stuff that makes you a published author, is of no use to her.

It’s not going to work that way. It’s like me being an agent so I only have to read books. Or negotiate contracts. Not going to happen. I’m still going to have to edit, argue contracts, update the website, reject authors and all the other things that go along with the job.

As an author you’re going to have to write the book, edit the book, come up with a marketable book, write a synopsis for every single book, write a blurb, promote, sell, attend conferences, network and all those other things you both love and hate. Being published is a job. If you want to be published you need to accept that. No one is going to hire someone who only wants to do the fun stuff, no publisher wants to publish an author who only wants to write. Even choosing self-publishing, you’re not going to be successful without doing all that other stuff.

So be ready, this is more than just writing.

5 responses to “Never Will You Just Write”

  1. Avatar Ana Calin says:

    So true – not that you needed me to confirm, LOL. But I mean I’m loving the “other stuff”. I’d do more conferences, but living in Berlin, Germany, and writing in English doesn’t make that easy. So I’m more online. It’s incredible how much you learn by delving into the industry. Having to deal with all the other stuff but the writing is actually a great way to free one’s head of the story too – which is a MUST once in a while if you don’t want to end up with holes in the plot once you wake from the “story trance.” So much to say on the subject. Staying anchored in business helps the author keep a cool head and not be sucked in by a plot that might spiral out of control if author loses contact with the world on the surface – out of the subconscious regularly is a must.

  2. Avatar Valentina says:

    This post is timely for me. I’ve been thinking about this subject recently. I’ve self-published a number of books. It’s a challenge and not an easy route. There’s no team to encourage you or give you a kick up the derriere when you need it. This and other posts have made me realise that even with traditional publishing there’s still much more to do to make our books successful than being in the writing bubble.

  3. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    Laughing at this, because it can still be overwhelming even after doing this for way too many years, but think of it like making sausage. While you love the finished product (book on shelf) you’d rather not think of the ingredients and what goes into stuffing it all into that neat little package and selling it. Unfortunately, that’s the only way you’re going to get that finished sausage…uh…book. We’re talking books here…

  4. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a job out there where you could just do the ‘good’ stuff?

    Mind you, the thing someone loves about one job is the the hated part for someone else. I love editing while my CP hates it. I don’t like facebook while my CP loves it (and yes, I do understand I will have to go there one day *sigh*).