The Anatomy of the Perfect Query Letter

  • By: admin | Date: Mar 04 2020

Hello blog folks! If you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you might not have seen our #QueryTip vlog posted in February. We can’t have that, so we’re posting it here for those of you who are deep in the query trenches. We hope this proves helpful to you as you craft your perfect query:

3 responses to “The Anatomy of the Perfect Query Letter”

  1. Avatar Carla Beene says:

    Hi James,
    I don’t see a link to subscribe to your You Tube videos.

  2. I have watched your videos and enjoy them. I am in the querying process and have queried everyone at bookends in hope to be apart of such a great company and community. I love that you give back by helping others and that pulled me to bookend personally. Not that I haven’t queried with many others.
    Someone told me recently that Querying through a publisher would be pointless as my genre is fiction and not a popular subject (mermaids). This person suggested self-publishing may be more of a better option, and in return find my audience and build a community around my book, (purpose), (empire). Do you have any advice for a world builder as myself who is desperately trying to hold and sell a physical copy of my writings, language, pictographs. I plan on writing this series and have started book two, do you think I should stop and spend my time searching for representation still. I almost feel overwhelmed with the buisness I have projected for myself and I honestly do not know where to go from here. If you read this obnoxiously long message I greatly appreciate your time. Thanks, C.G. Jarvis