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Since BookEnds was founded in 1999, our agents have been proud to consider themselves an active part of the author's publishing team. Our goal is to work together with the author to make all of her dreams come to fruition.

Our agents are always looking for fresh new material from both published and unpublished authors. Before submitting to us, we ask that you read our submission guidelines to better ensure that the work you're sending is right for BookEnds and that what you send is as "rejection-proof" as you can make it.

Represented Genres

In fiction we represent all areas of romance, mystery, suspense, science fiction and fantasy, women's fiction, picture books, middle grade, and young adult.

In nonfiction we represent titles in the following areas: current affairs, reference, business and career, parenting, pop culture, coloring books, and general nonfiction.

BookEnds does not represent short fiction, poetry, screenplays, or techno-thrillers.

Querying BookEnds

BookEnds has worked hard to streamline all of our processes and save a few trees. For those reasons, we ask that all submissions be made electronically through the Query Manager database where you will have the opportunity to query the specific agent you think would best represent your work.

Links to each agent's submissions form, as well as a brief description of each agent's most current preferences, can be found below. The submission requirements for each agent will be found on her form.

For even more detailed information on who we are, check out our  About Us page.

Jessica Faust is open to submissions in mystery, thrillers, and suspense including, but not limited to, psychological and domestic suspense thrillers, literary thrillers, historical mystery, cozies, romantic suspense, YA thrillers, and anything with a strong female protagonist. She's also looking for women's fiction, especially magical realism and diverse characters and stories. In nonfiction, Jessica would like to see more business, small-business, entrepreneur, management and personal growth titles.

Kim Lionetti is actively looking for women's fiction, especially stories with strong female relationships (sisters, friends, mother/daughter) in addition to a compelling romantic element.  She's also open to historical, contemporary and erotic romance, as well as romantic suspense.  Kim's also eager to find more YA fiction with emotional and dynamic storytelling.

Jessica Alvarez is looking for romance of all heat levels (including inspirational and category romance), female-focused erotica, women's fiction, mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. In all genres, Jessica is typically drawn to strong female leads and books that will appeal to women. Please note that Jessica is not looking for paranormals, sci-fi/fantasy, cozy mysteries, or young adult novels at this time.

Moe Ferrara is interested in fiction for adults, young adults, and the middle-grade reader. When it comes to all subsets and ages for science fiction and fantasy, she loves easily-accessible sci-fi, imaginative fantasy locales, and pain-in-the-ass heroines. She's looking for most MG and YA genres including contemporary, horror, magical realism, and anything LGBTQ-centric. She also loves being surprised by books she never knew she wanted! On her adult romance radar are all things m/m and m/f—plus everything in between—within all heat levels and genres, including both category and single-title romance.

She is not a good fit for picture books through early chapter books, contemporary YA without a strong romance element, women's fiction, or inspirational romances.

Tracy Marchini is looking for picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, and non-fiction. She's also seeking picture book illustrators and author-illustrators. For picture book fiction, she’s particularly interested in manuscripts that are laugh out loud funny or deliciously dark. For middle grade and young adult, she’s interested in underdogs, strong female characters and/or unreliable narrators. She believes that it’s important for readers of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, and is looking to bring that diversity to her list.

She is not a good fit for YA horror, true crime, hard sci-fi or high fantasy. At this time, she is not looking for board books, early chapter books or non-fiction for the educational market.

Natascha Morris is primarily looking for picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, historical fiction, and narrative non-fiction. She is also looking for artists that speak to her creatively.

Beth Campbell is primarily interested in science fiction, fantasy, and YA books of all sub-genres. She's also actively looking for romantic suspense and mystery titles, particularly those with a darker flavor. She loves women-centered stories across all genres and has an immense affinity for narratives featuring strong friendships, found families, and diverse characters of all stripes (race, sexuality, gender--you name it).


Response Times

BookEnds agents do reply to all submissions and queries and hope to do so in a timely manner. Our response time goals are 6 weeks for queries and 12 weeks on requested partials and fulls. Unfortunately, at times circumstances mean we fall behind in our responses. We do try to post status updates through Twitter and Facebook. For updates on where we are with queries and submissions, as well as what we're most actively looking for, please check out our Facebook page:

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Or follow us on Twitter:

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If you wish to check in on a requested partial or full after the time period listed above, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to the agent you sent your material to, requesting a status update. The e-mail should include the title of the work, the date the submission was sent, the name of the author, and any other information you have that might help us remember your book.

If you haven't received a response to a query after 8 weeks, we ask that you simply resend the query. It's possible that it was eaten by a spam filter on either our end or yours.

We certainly understand that waiting can be the hardest part and thank you not only for giving us the chance to review your work but for your patience.